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Mookie Talkin' Dookie featuring the Gossiping Heifers

Mookie Talkin' Dookie Podcast
Mookie Talkin' Dookie Podcast

On the latest episode, host Mookie G welcomed the Gossiping Heifers - a podcast created and hosted by two sisters, Michele, and Rochele Thompkins.

The two sisters discussed how they started their podcast, the guests they interviewed, their father, music executive TC Thompkins, and their thoughts on marriage.

The Heifers discussed how they have had the opportunity to interview some amazing guests, and also shared some of their father's experiences in the music industry, and how it has impacted their lives.

Additionally, the two sisters shared their views on marriage, and how they believe it is important to have healthy communication and an understanding of each other. It was an insightful conversation that was full of laughter and interesting stories.

Be sure to check out this episode and subscribe to the Mookie Talkin' Dookie podcast for more conversations with the Gossiping Heifers and amazing guests.

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