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New episode The Carlee Russell effect

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Gossiping Heifers! We’re covering a lot of interesting topics this week and discussing their impact on the world around us.

First up, we’re looking at the effects of the fake abduction of Carlee Russell. This incident, has sparked a debate about how missing black women are handled in society and the impact of this type of astsabduction on the families of the missing. We’ll be discussing this case and what it means for missing black women in our society.

Next, we’re asking the question: Should you stash money that you have taken from your spouse to build a backup plan just in case things don’t work out? We’ll be discussing the implications of this decision, and whether or not it’s a smart move.

Third, we’re discussing a syphilis outbreak in Houston, Texas, and what it means for the health of pregnant women in the area. We’ll be looking at the numbers behind the outbreak and what health officials are doing to combat it.

Fourth, we’re looking at Luke Combs’ cover of Tracy Chapman’s hit, “Fast Car,” and how it’s dominating the country charts. We’ll be discussing the success of the song and whether or not racism is at play in the genre.

Finally, we’re discussing the controversy surrounding Jason Aldean’s song, “Try That In a Small Town,” and whether fans are doing too much at live performances. We’ll also be discussing Miranda Lambert’s callout of audience members taking selfies during her show.

Join us this week as we cover all of these topics and more!

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